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4 Signs your car needs oil changing

Oil change Henderson – Every car owner should know that an overdue oil change will affect the performance and longevity of their vehicle’s engine. Most people rely on mileage to schedule an oil change. As a result, their cars suffer from overdue oil change damage that sometimes may lead to failure of the engine. You have to… Read More »

Should the Exhaust System Last the Life of a Vehicle?

Exhaust Henderson – Even if you don’t hear a loud rumble from the exhaust, a rattle from your muffler or metal parts dragging on the pavement, that doesn’t mean rust, wear and tear haven’t taken a toll. It’s reasonable to expect several years of reliability out of an exhaust system. But, vehicles should periodically be inspected for… Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of Dead Cell on a Car Battery?

Car batteries Henderson – What Are the Symptoms of Dead Cell on a Car Battery?  A telltale sign that one or more cells is not producing sufficient amperage comes when the vehicle is reluctant to start, or “turn over,” to get the motor running. If the car starts and runs fine when the alternator is running. … Read More »

Give your brakes a break!

Brake Repair Henderson – In the age of planned obsolescence, we all dream of durable and resilient products that are repairable rather than expendable. What if we told you there is a way to extend the life of your vehicle parts? With regular brake inspections, you’re doing more than ensuring part longevity, you’re investing in your… Read More »

How often should my car be serviced?

Car service Henderson.  Its a new year with new resolutions and with it the question comes – how often should my car be serviced?  These days, most modern vehicles pop a light up on the dashboard to remind you that your car is due for a service.  However, what if your car is a few years old… Read More »

What to know before you go on holiday

Holiday Safety – When it comes to holiday travel, airports and flying get a lot of the attention. But the majority of people who travel during the holidays pack up the car and drive to their destinations. Before starting the journey, drivers should do some car maintenance and prepare for safe driving. Here are some tips… Read More »

What causes leakage in shock absorbers?

Shocks Repairs Henderson – Every car, truck, and utility vehicle sold today has at least one shock absorber (informally known as a shock) for each of its wheels. Note that sometimes these shocks are called struts. A strut is simply a shock absorber that is located inside a coil spring, the name is different but the… Read More »

Tips on servicing and maintaining your car

Car service Henderson – If you look after your car properly, you’ll be far less likely to get hefty repair bills in the future. Find out why your car’s service manual is your best friend, how to locate a good garage and get a fair price. How often should a car be serviced? To keep… Read More »

7 Radiator Tips you Need to Learn Now

Radiator Henderson – The radiator is one of the principal components of your car’s cooling system. A properly functioning heater will help maintain cooler temperatures that will help keep your engine’s temp in check. If the radiator fails, it will spell disaster for your motor, because it keeps the internal components at a proper operating temperature. So… Read More »

Oil change Henderson

Oil change Henderson – Look on the shelves in auto parts stores and you’ll see oils labeled for all kinds of specific purposes: high-tech engines, new cars, higher-mileage vehicles, heavy-duty/off-road SUV’s.  In addition, you’ll see a wide selection of viscosities. If you read your owner’s manual, you’ll know what the car manufacturer recommends for a… Read More »


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