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Should the Exhaust System Last the Life of a Vehicle?

Exhaust Henderson – Even if you don’t hear a loud rumble from the exhaust, a rattle from your muffler or metal parts dragging on the pavement, that doesn’t mean rust, wear and tear haven’t taken a toll. It’s reasonable to expect several years of reliability out of an exhaust system. But, vehicles should periodically be inspected for corrosion or signs of damage. This is the best way to protect your system from further potential damage.

Causes of Physical Damage to Your Exhaust System

The Parts

Hangers, clamps and brackets that hold exhaust parts in place wear out, allowing excessive movement of components that accelerates excessive wear in other parts. Rust can damage heat shields and create pinholes in mufflers and pipes that allow exhaust gas to seep into the interior. This includes odorless but potentially fatal carbon monoxide. Heat shields help prevent fires when a car is running and parked on dry grass.

The Converter

Rocks and other debris, running over a curb or bottoming out in a pothole can cause physical damage to the exhaust system. In addition, the catalytic converter, which reduces harmful emissions, can become clogged. Typically this triggers a check-engine light. Signs of a clogged converter include loss of power, a sulfur smell or excessive heat under the vehicle.


In addition, exhaust components can rust from within. Water accumulates in fuel systems. Before an engine reaches full operating temperature you can often see drops of water coming out the tailpipe. On vehicles that are frequently driven short distances, the exhaust system doesn’t get warm enough for the water to evaporate, and that can corrode metal parts.

Think about it

Because the exhaust system is mostly out of sight, it’s usually out of mind. You become aware again when noise levels rise or parts fall off. But exhaust parts are subjected to extreme heat and difficult road and environmental conditions. This make it unlikely they’ll last a lifetime.

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